California Community Colleges Student Media Teleconference with Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley - September 24, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Trisha Anas
Trisha Anas from the Roundup News: How will the community colleges be implementing the vote-by-mail ballot drop boxes? And what will this process look like with campuses being closed?
Collegian Reporter-David Victor
David Victor from The Collegian at San Joaquin Delta College: How does the Chancellor's Office plan to help community colleges in supporting students in voter registration during this crisis, and how is the office engaging with students leading up to the election in November?
Paul Feist
Many colleges will serve as vote centers, even with modifications due to COVID. Here is the best way to locate a vote center in your area https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voters-choice-act/vca-voting-locations
Teya Searles
Teya Searles from the Chariot News at MiraCosta College.
David Rowe
David Rowe, Peralta Citizen. How is the Peralta District doing in its efforts to resolve the financial issues reported in the FCMAT report from last year?
Teya Searles
Teya Searles continued: What kind of safety nets were implemented to the various on campus workers who unfortunately lost their jobs due to COVID-19?
Erika Perry
Erika Perry, CostReportOnline, Orange Coast College: Will classes be online in Spring 2021?
Paul Feist
The Chancellor's Office and colleges are promoting the Ballot Bowl, a friendly competition among CA colleges and universities to register students to vote. More information can be found at https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/castudentsvote
Collegian Reporter-David Victor
David Victor, The Collegian. Some courses required to graduate or progress in a major are not offered during the pandemic. What is the office doing with community colleges to help students stay on track in their education?
jacob p
Jacob Peterson, Cosumnes River College, The Connection: What kind of aid is being offered to those students who do not have access to the technology they may need to participate in remote learning
Lucas Cuny
I arrived late
Lucy Argaez, Clarion
Lucy Argaez, Citrus College, The Clarion : How will the decline in enrollment affect our funding?
Collegian Reporter-David Victor
David Victor, The Collegian, San Joaquin Delta College. How are you providing aid to colleges that have fewer resources to aid students?
Paul Feist
Several technology companies are offering free or low-cost internet. Here is a list of possible options: https://ccconlineed.instructure.com/courses/5432/pages/reduced-cost-or-free-internet-access-slash-wifi?module_item_id=271437. In addition many college foundations have raised funds for laptops and devices, and this year's state budget includes block grants for colleges to help in the transition to online learning
Lucas Cuny
How are we dealing with student equity as it comes to equipment access and computers. Many of our students have issues with maintain hot spots and chrome books. Our students are falling behind.
Thomas Ortega
Thomas Ortega, Griffin Radio, Grossmont College. Has there been any update on sports at CA community colleges? Is there a plan to play games? How does that impact the athlete's on a scholarship?. Thank you
Casey Rafter
Editor in Chief, The Express (Sacramento City College): Our college president recently expanded president's honor roll to allow part time students to qualify. How do you think expanding this statewide might help to encourage enrollment (and staying enrolled)?
Lucas Cuny
Lucas Cuny here Chair of Film, TV, Media at San Bernardino Valley College - How are we dealing with student equity as it comes to equipment access and computers. Many of our students have issues with maintain hot spots and chrome books. Our students are falling behind
Collegian Reporter-David Victor
David Victor, The Collegian, San Joaquin Delta College. Has the office been discussing a contingency plan with the community colleges? If so how, and what is the main concern when maintaining communication with superintendents?
Jennipher Vasquez
Jennipher Vasquez - Viewpoints News at Riverside City College, What is being done to increase and maintain student enrollment after experiencing significant decline in enrollment?
Cassandra Nava
Cassandra Nava, news editor for The Valley Star at Los Angeles Valley College. Will campus sheriffs receive sensitivity training due to community requests of police reform? If so, what will the entail?
Paul Feist
Earlier this week the Chancellor's Office distributed a communications tool kit to raise awareness for Undocumented Student Action Week. You can find it here https://www.ccleague.org/advocacy/federal-advocacy/supporting-undocumented-students
Umaima Ejaz
Umaima Ejaz, The Skyline View How does the Chancellor’s office plan to help International students with having no in person classes in Spring? (Specifically with visa guidelines)
Teya Searles
Teya Searles continued: Many students across the country are advocating for police reform and even abolition at their campuses. How is the CCC is going to navigate the policing on campuses? Are they going to continue to utilize local law enforcement agencies or opt for a statewide policing akin to the University of California Police Department?
Kaitlyn McMullin
Kaitlyn McMullin, The Breeze. If school is online in spring 2021, we know now some classes are difficult or cannot be online, will there be any solutions for that so students are not falling behind in their education?
Syan Haghiri
Syan Haghiri, The Viking News, Long Beach City College, Does Governor Newsom’s meeting with the Pac-12 change anything in regards to practice rules at our level?
Erika Perry
Erika Perry, CostReportOnline, Orange Coast College: There are many schools experiencing a rapid decrease in enrollment, such as many schools in the LA county(Los Angeles Southwest 20%, Santa Rosa Junior 20%), however OCC has remained rather flat, why is that other schools are experiencing a lower enrollment rate?
William Ink
William Ink at The Citizen PCCD
William Ink
What would a special trustees responsibilities look like, if appointed?
jacob p
Jacob Peterson, Cosumnes River College, The Connection: With the importance of the coming election, what are CA community colleges doing to prevent misinformation being spread regarding voting.
Paul Feist
Kaitlyn, The Chancellor's Office has issued a series of executive orders and guidelines since March that are designed to provide flexibility to colleges and students during this pandemic. Many FAQs and resources can be found at https://www.cccco.edu/About-Us/Chancellors-Office/Divisions/Communications-and-Marketing/Novel-Coronavirus/student-faq
Caitlyn Pfau- Chaffey College The Breeze, Similar to Lucas’s question from San Bernardino Valley how is the state going to make sure there is funding directed to courses such as digital media classes or the arts that can be taught via zoom but that may have used adobe on on a computer during lab time or checked out cameras or equipment in the past. Does it fall on each art department to request a grant to have the school buy such softwares for the students to practice at home?
Kenny Balderas
Kenneth Balderas The eagle eye: Whats the resolve for new students who have been out of college for decades whom are trying to better their lives but cant because lack of computer/internet knowledge. Some people might have not ever turned on a computer before. or even lack the means to financially obtain equipment for school. Some of our older students might need a more hands on approach but cant
Keegan West
Keegan West La Voz News at DeAnza College. Enrollement has increased at our school by 15%, yet course offerings were severely reduced. Will this continue wihtout federal aid?
Paul Feist
Thanks, Kenneth. This is a big challenge for all of us. There has been a lot of professional development for faculty to help them with the transition to online teaching. For students, there are resources at https://cvc.edu/keeplearning/ that provide tips for succeeding in the online ecosystem. The most recent state budget also provides block grants to colleges to help with the switch to virtual learning.
Jesus Alcala
Jesus Alcala, Mt. San Jacinto College: are community colleges allowed to open at their own discretion?
Paige Marlatt Dorr
THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS - YOU’RE ASKING SOME REALLY GREAT QUESTIONS. We’re going to stop accepting questions for now and try to get through everything submitted so far. If time permits, we will open questions up again.
Lindsey Whittaker
Lindsey Whittaker, Managing Editor of the Roundup News: For the campus' that will be providing ballot drop boxes but do not allow student access to campus - what solutions are being proposed to encourage and allow students on campus to place their vote in the 2020 election?
Paige Marlatt Dorr
Hi Lindsey, Many colleges will serve as vote centers, even with modifications due to COVID. Here is the best way to locate a vote center in your area https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voters-choice-act/vca-voting-locations
Lindsey Whittaker
Thank you, Paige.
Paige Marlatt Dorr
You’re welcome, Lindsey.
Paige Marlatt Dorr
@KennethBalderas, Vice Chancellor Paul Feist provided information regarding your question about older students. Do you have everything you need? If not, please send a quick note in chat along with your email address and we will respond after the teleconference.
Erika Perry
Thank you everyone! Check out Coast Report Online. https://www.coastreportonline.com
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