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Maddie Margarita, VP OC Chapter
SCWA Recipe Book Call for Submissions --250 word short fiction piece with a recipe to Nancy Klann at klanncy@aol.com ?
Ellen Dupuy
what is name of Mammoth Lakes book?
Kathy Klann
I want to apologize when I spoke about settings in writing. I mentioned that I may be younger than other members, but I did not mean that as a bad thing. I am learning so much on different subjects from those who are a few years my senior. Knowledge in life is so very key to living a good life and I always listen to learn more. Forgive me if I offended anyone.
Jack Oakes
Question: How do approach the ending of your book
Maddie Margarita, VP OC Chapter
How do you decide what ideas can support an entire book? What types of ideas entice you?