Economic Overview & Recovery with Dr. Eyler-Far North Region - Shared screen with speaker view
Blaine Smith
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Clinton Maxwell
More comment with local data than question - Mendocino County is overwhelmed with employers who are offering non-livable wages to local residents and leadership positions to non-locals who then come and go from the community shatter organizational functioning. Our Autozone in Ukiah is being staff by Lake & Sonoma assistant managers because no one in Ukiah will take the job. Regional employers are burning out the mid-level staff & will soon start shuttering down stores. The cost of doing business in CA & lack of employee interest seems to be leading to contraction in our local economy?
Erika Barrish
Thank you for putting these presentations together. Insightful!
Robert Eyler
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Kathy Garcia
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William Row
Thank you Doctor Eyler.
Kim Carr
Thank you. Very thorough evaluation.
Tiffany Herringer
Thank you for your presentations! This was great information.