From Non-Discrimination to Anti-Racism –How Equity and Access have Changed (B2) - Shared screen with speaker view
Gerson - League Staff
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Gerson - League Staff
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Edel Alonso
Hi, Wendy!
Gerson - League Staff
Frank Merchant: how has what is being said changed with Cal. Prop 16's non passage?
Linda Wah
does your affirmative actions advice on hiring also apply to contracting?
Adrienne Grey
Based on quite a few conversations among trustees, we somehow need to get the message of what we MAY do to some HR and other CC professionals who believe -- or say they believe -- that no such options exist.
Sandra Hernandez
Would it serve anti-racism better to legally require that faculty and administrators that are hired be culturally competent vs. culturally sensitive?
Evangeline Matthews
Very good statement! Inclusion… not just diversity!
Zeke Hernandez
Are we looking at reviewing and revamping all printed recruitment resources, including job description?
Adrienne Grey
Thank you!
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Thanks Laura.
Evangelina Rosales
thank you. very informative
Douglas Houston
Thanks Laura; great work as always.
Susan Alves
Thank you!
Wes Lundburg
For whatever it's worth, I just caught this piece of news: "New American Medical Association policy recognizes racism as a public health threat"..... Here's the link: https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/new-ama-policy-recognizes-racism-public-health-threat
Anthony Contreras
Appreciate the information. Thank you