California Community Colleges Consultation Council Meetings - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. Bonnie Ann Dowd
I would like to echo, Wendy's request. It would be best to email presentations to Council members in advance even though they may not be ready for posting on the CCCCO website.
Dr. Bonnie Ann Dowd
Thank you, Marc!
Wendy Brill-Wynkoop
That would be greatly appreciated!
Dr. Bonnie Ann Dowd
Wearing my District Chief Business Officers hat, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Lizette and her team for their ongoing efforts, collegial and collaborative work with business officials throughout the system.
Christina Castro
he Consultation Council is on a brief break and will return shortly
Dr. Bonnie Ann Dowd
Having been on Consultation Council in other prior roles, this is not my first Orientation. I want to express my appreciation for the efforts of all involved in creating the approach you took for this first of two part orientation. Well done!
Christina Castro
California Community Colleges Wildfire Relief Fund: https://foundationccc.org/What-We-Do/System-Support-and-Services/California-Wildfire-Relief
Larry Galizio
Thank YOU, Dr. Gonzalez. We appreciate the consultation and communication.
Dr. Bonnie Ann Dowd
Thank you, Daisy, for your leadership especially in these very challenging and uncertain times we are all living through.
Daisy Gonzales
Thank you all! And thank you for your leadership SSCCC.
Dr. Bonnie Ann Dowd
We need to stop competition across systems and focus on the ultimate goal of providing ALL California citizens with efficient and effective opportunities to complete their educational goals.
Larry Galizio
…and permit our colleges statewide the authority to grant baccalaureate degrees to better serve place-bound students.
Wendy Brill-Wynkoop
The reality is there are not enough counselors at the districts for most students to sit down with a counselor to gain enough perspective to understand the “shall” vs. opt out.
Wendy Brill-Wynkoop
The ADT needs to truly be a guarantee to the college and major of choice. At this time it is not.
Wendy Brill-Wynkoop
Thank you for discussion on AB 928.