CFTDA Zoom meetings - Shared screen with speaker view
Darren Hall
We need both class A and B options available and flexibility based on everyone’s differences. We cannot afford to rent the facility to test in addition to the Fire Control 3 class. The Fire Control 3 class is already two long days done right
Scott Ventura
I agree with Darren's suggestion.
Guy Hall
I agree too
Scott Jaeggi
Hello everyone. Sorry I am late. power is temporarily out at my house. Matt & Bob, I emailed the financial report to you for today’s meeting. I am listening in via my cell phone.
Matthew Jewett
I got it Scott, thank you, we moved up SFT and IFSTA earlier, so we will do the Financial report after that, perfect timing :)
Matthew Jewett
Scott has a question
Darren Hall
I would like to ask SFT members about FF2? Once a exam is required for FF2, is an ARTP required to host an exam? We need strong direction from SFT to seek funding for this process.
Gail Warner
If it does not say mandated, it will not happen at Miramar.
Darren Hall
I suspect if FF2 is not mandated Miramar is not alone. we need stronger language from SFT to get it done. sorry to be blunt but this is a real need for all colleges.
P741 State Fire Training
Gail, understood. SFT is working on procedures manual revisions now. I will ensure we add appropriate language.
P741 State Fire Training
Darren Hall
thanks Pp741! stay safe out there
Scott Jaeggi
Is it possible to have the invoices emailed?
Scott Jaeggi
Most college staff are are working remotely if they are not on campus.
German Sierra
another point to consider , I think the vast consensus at least for the ALAs is to have a combined FF1 and FF2 Academy. It would be prudent to get data on how many ARTPs are combining their FF1 and FF2 Academies, much like the ALAs. Are those ARTPs that are combining (FF1/FF2) still required to have a stand alone course for FF2?, which includes testing as well?.
Ken Sebastiani
Santa Rosa began delivering FF1 and FF2 in the Academy that started this past July. We have a stand alone FF1 class that we started last semester. We plan on putting on a stand alone FF2 but we need to go through our curriculum/new class process. Is there a deadline to get the class available and start delivering the class?
Darren Hall
great work Ken! May need to pick your brain for Miramar one day.
Darren Hall
stepping off for today. good to see everyone.
German Sierra
Sorry folks I can not find our FF2 Stand Alone Fire Academy in our Curricunet. I will look and update next meeting. Sorry
German Sierra
Found it Ken , there you go. It still needs some work , I am going to resubmit after making the changes.
Ken Sebastiani
Thank you German. I appreciate it
Ken Sebastiani
Hi Jason. Ken Sebastiani here. Could you send me any info you have on the FF2 class. My email is ksebastiani@santarosa.edu Thanks
Matthew Jewett