Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!: Brown Act and Virtual Meetings Best Practices - Shared screen with speaker view
Vanessa Cervantez
How about at negotiations? Between Exclusive Rep and District?
Vanessa Cervantez
Would that be considered a meeting?
Andree Blanchier
WIth the campuses that are in the purple tier and closed to the public -- what do you recommend for posting agendas?
Jeannette Bischoff
Maybe have a bulletin board put up in or near the parking lot which would allow people to see the postings without coming onto campus.
Aaron O'Donnell
I think that is a great suggestion
Randi Kinman
If using zoom or other platforms, are members required in any way to show their presence or do we just assume they are in the room? Similarly, if we are just seeing a logo or picture of the member, how do we know closed session is being held confidentially and not with other people in the room?
Hilda Zacarias
Do members have the public have the right to attack college employees? Not Board Members. What about the President of the College? DURING PUBLIC COMMENT
Meredith Brown
This is a good question. The Brown Act does not specifically speak to how to enforce confidentiality, but requires it. Let's talk a bit about that.
Suzanne Chan
I will be covering that in a short bit
Meredith Brown
Board members should not attack employees in public or private or the college president out of civility and to avoid creating a hostile work environment. Performance review allows trustees the opportunity to critically review Chancellor/President performance,
Hilda Zacarias
I am not worried about Board Members attacking employees I'm talking about a member of the public speaking during Public Comment. Can we cite something to prevent them from speaking about an employee?
Kathryn Wilkins
Is using the breakout rooms in Zoom an option for closed session? Breakout rooms allows the moderator (board secretary/assistant) to control who is allowed in the room. Thoughts?
Meredith Brown
Oh, I see. First Amendment Rights regarding public comment preventn the college from censuring criticizim of the president or an employee.
Andree Blanchier
We use the "waiting room" during closed session -- all non board members are put into the waiting room during closed session and then let back in once the meeting adjourns to Open Session.
Meredith Brown
You may want to note at the start of public comment that the District respects the First Amendment rights of the public to make comments uncensured. Also that you try and create an environment of respect and civility for everyone in the College community and hope that the speakers will do so as well.
Heather Ford
When posting a Brown Act meeting to the District's website, can you please clarify if it has to be a direct link on the homepage or will a drop down menu suffice?
Sylvia - League Staff
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Jesse Klein
Thank you so much for this presentation.
Micol Benet
Thank you! Very helpful session.
Evangelina Rosales
thank you
Susan Rodriguez
thank you for the information
Linda Handy
thanks so much!
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great presentation.
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Rosalyn Green
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