2020 Annual Convention General Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura - League Staff
Welcome Attendees! Some housekeeping notes…- The chat is disabled for all attendees.- Please type your questions in the Q&A box at the bottom of the screen.- All questions will either be answered via the Q&A box or presented at the end of the general session for the keynote speaker to address.- When asking a question, please start your message with the name of the person you are addressing if it is for a particular speaker
Jimmy - League Staff
Attendees - Please put type all questions in the Q&A box and they with be directed to the speaker and he will able to answer them directly.
Laura - League Staff
Please join Ellucian, the League’s Presidential Level Corporate Partner, for their mini session titled “Statewide Technology Supporting Statewide Equity” and learn what they can do to help your districts and schools better serve your students and staff. Grab your lunch and join Ellucian at 12:15 p.m. for a short 12-minute presentation!Click on the link below:https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/95223495947?pwd=d0lXWmFqNm9PRm5VbHI5WktXRDB0dz09Password: 1990
Laura - League Staff
To access the event app online via a web browser, click on the following link: https://event.crowdcompass.com/cclc-ac2020.