COLEGAS Latinx Student Success Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Abby Patton
If you have questions for attorney Bianca Duenas or any of our speakers today, please submit your question in the Q&A button. Thank you for being here.
Bianca Duenas
In regards to Public Charge, the Protecting Immigrant Families campaign has a lot of resources on their website: https://protectingimmigrantfamilies.org. Additionally, our organization has a COVID-19 Guide for Immigrants that you can find here: https://www.crlaf.org/coronavirus
Renato Rocha
Here are the CA resources referenced. List of organizations able to provide assistance regarding public charge: https://www.cdss.ca.gov/benefits-services/more-services/immigration-services/immigration-services-contractors/public-charge-contact-list. Tool to share basic information about public charge: https://www.keepyourbenefitsca.org/. PIF campaign’s website: https://protectingimmigrantfamilies.org/.
Arthur Golovey
Undocumented Student Action Week, October 19-23Please visit the link below to access the USAW Toolkit, which includes relevant webinars, resource materials, advocacy materials, marketing materials, and more:https://www.ccleague.org/advocacy/federal-advocacy/supporting-undocumented-students#:~:text=In%20its%204th%20year,for%20our%20undocumented%20student%20population