Providing Student-Support Services in Extraordinary Times: A Caring Campus Approach (D3) - Shared screen with speaker view
Coleen Maldonado
This is great! I have also found that students are extremely grateful to have someone from their college reach out with a phone call. Those calls have been a very powerful way to keep students engaged and help them stay enrolled..
Sadie - League Staff
Thank you, Jordan, Brad, Julianna, and Dan!Please join Liebert Cassidy Whitmore (LCW), the League’s Presidential Level Corporate Partner, at 1:15 p.m. for their mini session titled “But I Don’t Want to Come Back to the Office! – Preparing for Employees Who Want to Continue to Work From Home Once Campuses Reopen” and learn what they can do to help your districts and schools better serve your students and staff. Afternoon concurrent sessions will begin at 1:30 p.m.Click on the link below:https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/95996113018?pwd=M2g4R1RBM0VYbUZTeFZOckJoU3lRdz09Password: 1990
Linda Parker
Thank you!
Coleen Maldonado
Thank you for the great session!
Jane Ishibashi
Thank you!
Monir Masoud
Thank you Dr. Barnes. Amazing work!
Sadie - League Staff
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